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Creation by Intelligent Design - Going Deeper

The X-Factor: Divinely Engineered CET with Dr. Randy Guliuzza. Darwin or Design? Continuous Environmental Tracking (CET - Part 2)

How does design provide a better explanation for biological functions and adaptations than natural selection? And how can engineering principles help us to understand biological design?

How Did God Front-load The Created Kinds to Adapt, Diversify and Thrive? 15 min

Dr Robert Carter and Joel Tay outline how the concept of a ‘front-loaded’ genome provides multiple ways for the genomes of living things to change over time. (This may be a bit technical for some viewers)

Do we have a soul? Dr Stephen Meyer & Dr James Tour 5 min

Stephen Meyer on Intelligent Design and The Return of the God Hypothesis Uncommon Knowledge (60 min)

Dr. Stephen Meyer discusses his newest book, Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe. In this wide-ranging and often mind-bending interview, Dr. Meyer explains the God Hypothesis; makes his case for intelligent design; describes how Judeo-Christian theology gave rise to science; discusses why the discovery of DNA is actually an enigma, as its existence cannot be explained by natural selection; and much more…

Astounding Evidence for Noah's Flood with Mike Oard (46 min)_ plus Q & A (50 min) Oct 20, 2020

With a vast collection of photos Mike Oard shows that the Noah’s Flood was global. Flood traditions from hundreds of cultures worldwide have a remembrance of a global flood in their history. The evidence for Noah’s Flood will be shown by the character of sedimentary rocks laid down by water and the billions of fossils that these rocks contain. Three evidences for Flood runoff from the continents will be presented: planation surfaces, resistant rocks transported hundreds of kilometers from their source, and water gaps.

Did Plate Tectonics Cause the Global Flood? With Geologist Dr. Tim Clarey (19 min)

Can plate tectonics explain how the Flood happened? How does subduction work? ICR Research Scientist and Geologist Dr. Tim Clarey provides a scientific mechanism at work during the Global Flood.

Livestream: Meet Your Ancestors: Adam and Eve - Dr. Rob Carter

All people on earth today descend from Adam and Eve. Can we explain the origin of all people in the world starting with them? What would they have looked like? What genes must they have carried? How do the events of the Flood and the Tower of Babel come into play? All this, and more, will be explained.

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The Resurrection - Fundamental to Our Faith

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