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Discerning the Times Bible Prophecy Conference

April 14-15, 2023

Remember the Discerning the Times Bible Prophecy Conference coming up in Saskatoon April 14-15.

Creation Family Camp 2023
July 31 to August 5, 2023

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We are pleased to announce that Micheal Oard from Montana has been booked as keynote speaker. Mike Oard has an MS degree in atmospheric science from the University of Washington. After 30 years as a meteorologist with the US National Weather Service, he retired and now is fully devoted to research on the compelling evidence for Noah’s flood and the post-flood ice age. He has done considerable study on the woolly mammoths in light of Noah’s flood and the ice age. Mike has published several research papers in his field in journals of the American Meteorological Society. His creationist research has been published in technical books, laymen’s books, and children’s books, as well as in many creationist journals. He also lectures on these subjects and serves on the board of directors of the Creation Research Society in the US.

Retired from the National Weather Service, meteorologist Mike Oard gives fascinating illustrated talks—at an easy-to-understand level—on the compelling evidence for Noah’s Flood and the Ice Age that resulted, and how the incredible wooly mammoth connects to biblical history. Based in beautiful Montana, Michael is now accepting invitations to speak all over North America, even with just a few weeks’ notice. Michael is married to Beverly and they have four children and ten grandchildren.

We plan to hold our fees at this year’s rates even though it will require some subsidy from donations. Please note the date and start planning to attend. Location is Echo Lake Bible Camp located here.

PLEASE NOTE: Christian Worker’s SPECIAL: All rates (including family maximum) will be reduced by 50% for individuals (and their dependents) actively involved in full-time Christian ministry.

For detailed information please consult the brochure.

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